Strategy, architecture, web development

First things first.


Innermotion provides strategic consulting to identify and document the best path to success for your web presence. Until you have a document, you don't have a strategy.


Nothing is more important to the success of your solution than starting with the right software architecture. We have 15 years of experience designing, documenting, and implementing software architecture. What products are required, what open source elements are available and useful, what custom development is necessary? How does it all work together? Drupal itself is only a starting point. We make the most challenging and valuable technology decisions as a stand-alone deliverable.

Project Management

With a technical architecture document in hand, your implementation options expand. Innermotion can provide project management for our own development resources, contractors, or your internal staff.

Web Development

We build stuff. Our developers have extensive experience and a strong sense of craft. We code using industry standard practices including source control, unit testing, and the kind of comments that make sense when you come back weeks or years later.


OK, we don't really do design. We're all about the inner and the motion. We even used an open-source theme (Acquia Marina) for our own site. If you want a single end-to-end vendor, however, we have some very talented friends that we can bring on board.

Other Technologies

We know there's a world outside of Drupal. We go there all the time. Our other areas of expertise include:

  • Object-oriented PHP
  • mySQL
  • Python
  • Microsoft MS-SQL, Classic ASP, .NET
  • Django and CakePHP Frameworks
  • Wordpress