We move content from another CMS or file system, or between two Drupal sites. We use the Migrate module primarily, though not exclusively.

Dentaquest Institute

Developed complex workflow system for onboarding and servicing clients in a dental practice management consultancy. Upgraded Drupal 6 site to Drupal 7. Built custom modules for creating and displaying client surveys, practice enhancement plans, and dashboard pages.

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

Designed and built a Physical Oceanography Database to index meta data for oceanography research. Designed data model and custom content types. Built migration classes to import data from tab-delimited files and mysql databases. Implemented faceted apache solr search with results mapped to facilitate discovery of oceanographic data.

Berklee College of Music

Helped build a re-architected berklee.edu. Provided consulting and hands-on development to augment Berklee staff. The new berklee.edu features individually customizable content for a user base of over 5,000. Consulted on performance testing using the Acquia hosting platform. Built custom modules and views to display personalized content. Migrated all content added and updated on the production site to the development site during the development process. Built LDAP integration components for Drupal user import, update, and authorization.

Mass. Retirees Member Management System

Innermotion developed a member management system for the Massachusetts Association of Retired State, County and Municipal Workers. Administrative staff manages contact and dues payment information for this 60,000 member association. Members can log in and renew their individual memberships. Challenges included migrating from a FileMaker Pro database, performance tuning, and an IE6 compatible theme.

Bentley University

Innermotion's Chris Akeley provided analysis, project management, architecture and development services to Bentley University. Bentley migrated a 50,000+ page web site from a proprietary content management system to Drupal 6. Sample migrations include the McCallum Graduate School, Campus Life, and the PhD Program.