Features is a Drupal contrib module that allows to package site settings and modules into a portable package. It's very handy for moving work from one Drupal instance to another, like from the developers local environment to a staging server.

MIT Global Studies and Languages

Developed new site for MIT's Global Studies and Language department. Developed responsive theme based on design direction and PSD files. Built site using Drupal contributed modules with minimal custom code. Leveraged new MIT custom module for displaying course information from the Institute's data warehouse. Deployed site in MIT server.

World Health Organization / EDC

Built Beta site for an upcoming WHO educational program called Include. Built content collections based on the Drupal Book module. Created extensive web forms for tracking users' learning progress. Implemented discussion forums and shared community content.


Rebuilt Drupal 7 theme and views to follow Drupal best practices for enhanced maintainability and security. Moved site from internal server to Pantheon.

Dentaquest Institute

Developed complex workflow system for onboarding and servicing clients in a dental practice management consultancy. Upgraded Drupal 6 site to Drupal 7. Built custom modules for creating and displaying client surveys, practice enhancement plans, and dashboard pages.

Berklee College of Music

Helped build a re-architected berklee.edu. Provided consulting and hands-on development to augment Berklee staff. The new berklee.edu features individually customizable content for a user base of over 5,000. Consulted on performance testing using the Acquia hosting platform. Built custom modules and views to display personalized content. Migrated all content added and updated on the production site to the development site during the development process. Built LDAP integration components for Drupal user import, update, and authorization.

Pain Research Forum

Innermotion worked with the MGH Institute for Neurodegenerative Disease to update the Pain Research Forum. PRF is a collaborative site for the pain research community, providing discussions, news, publications, and listings for event, jobs, and funding opportunities. Innermotion worked along side MIND staff to create version 2.0 of this valuable site, including upgrades to all their community functionality.

MIT Technology Review

Assisted internal Technology Review team during the final 7 weeks of project to port technologyreview.com from a proprietary CMS to Drupal 7. Consulted on Drupal best practices, configured and themed Solr search using Acquia hosting, contributed custom PHP and CSS, developed custom module for production site.

Mobile Media CMS

We developed custom content types and web services for a CMS hub. The hub provides content via services to a variety of mobile applications serving the hospitality industry. Extended functionality includes an aggregation service to simplify content access and integration with the Yelp api.

Takenote Conference

Innermotion provided theming services on a conference site for Harvard University and the Radcliffe Institute. Takenote will be an online and on-campus exposition of notes and note-taking in the Harvard collections in fall 2012.