apache solr

The Apache Foundation's Solr search engine is a powerful, open-source engine for indexing and searching web sites. Combined with contrib modules it can produce a robust, faceted Drupal search tool.

World Health Organization / EDC

Built Beta site for an upcoming WHO educational program called Include. Built content collections based on the Drupal Book module. Created extensive web forms for tracking users' learning progress. Implemented discussion forums and shared community content.

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

Designed and built a Physical Oceanography Database to index meta data for oceanography research. Designed data model and custom content types. Built migration classes to import data from tab-delimited files and mysql databases. Implemented faceted apache solr search with results mapped to facilitate discovery of oceanographic data.

MIT Technology Review

Assisted internal Technology Review team during the final 7 weeks of project to port technologyreview.com from a proprietary CMS to Drupal 7. Consulted on Drupal best practices, configured and themed Solr search using Acquia hosting, contributed custom PHP and CSS, developed custom module for production site.