Theming is the process of building and customizing the look and feel of a site. The CSS and other settings are all part of the Drupal theme. Theming a site means bring the design to life.

MIT Global Studies and Languages

Developed new site for MIT's Global Studies and Language department. Developed responsive theme based on design direction and PSD files. Built site using Drupal contributed modules with minimal custom code. Leveraged new MIT custom module for displaying course information from the Institute's data warehouse. Deployed site in MIT server.

Rebuilt Drupal 7 theme and views to follow Drupal best practices for enhanced maintainability and security. Moved site from internal server to Pantheon.

nSight, Inc.

Ported custom-themed D6 site to Drupal 7. Rebuilt theme, upgraded modules, and configured a new hosting environment.

Takenote Conference

Innermotion provided theming services on a conference site for Harvard University and the Radcliffe Institute. Takenote will be an online and on-campus exposition of notes and note-taking in the Harvard collections in fall 2012.


Chris Akeley was lead developer and architect for, one of the first major web properties in the Boston area to launch on Drupal 6 in the spring of 2009.